I want nothing but looking at you

Short fashion film by Lisa Carletta


Nowadays we spend a lot of our time on voyeuristic apps that allow us into peoples lives and vice versa, sometimes it even reaches to the point of obsession.
Social media lurking and stalking has also become a communal activity, we are evolutionarily pre-conditioned to be curious about what is happening around us.
This film shows what it would look like if we were acting in real life as we do on social medias.


Director & Editor Lisa Carletta

Art Director: Izzy Parker

Stylist: Pierre Gorzala
DOP: Sam Ostyn
1st AD: Muna Baradi
Production assistant: Sarah Van Backle
Hair/make-up: Clémence Lévêque
Talent: Roxane Glineur@ Dominique models
Brahim Lahmiri@ DOMINIQUE Models
Production: Amok
Music ‘Heart Minds’ – Ekin Fil